Mini Piglets for sale 

Questions Frequently Asked

Question:  What is included in the price of a piglet?
Answer:  All of our piglets are raised in our home with our family.  They are kept with their mother until they are 7 weeks old and then slowly weaned.  Included in the price are the following:
  • Fixed
  • MicrochippedFF
  • Dewormed
  • Vaccinated
  • Complete Vet Exam
  • Medical Records
  • Litterbox trained
  • Crate trained
  • Harness trained
  • Breeder Guarantee (Stating we do not inbreed, starve to keep small or breed young pigs.  Parents are well cared for and loved.)
  • Birth certificate showing exact details
  • Socialized
  • Beginning leash training
  • Bathed regularly
  • Taught manners – No biting, etc.  We teach families how to continue training
  • Used to household noises – vacuum, people talking, laughing, running, tv
  • Welcome Packet – Crate, blanket, harness, leash, food, information packet
  • Support from me for the life of the pig
  • On pickup day, we talk about tips and tricks.  When people leave here I want them to feel total confident.
Question:  What if my piglet bites me?
Answer:  Pigs naturally learn about the world by putting things in their mouth.  So they will bite on things. (Keep all cords up out of reach!) But it is unacceptable to bite people! We start from the time they are born teaching them that biting is wrong.
That being said, when a pig goes to a new home, they are scared so they may bite as a way to protect themselves.  If that happens, correct quietly and kindly.  They need to know it’s not allowed in their new home too.
How this is done…
As soon as they nibble on your finger or toe, gently hold their snout shut and say NO firmly. Do this every single time they bite you. They learn very quickly so if you don’t correct, they will keep doing it. It may be cute from a baby but it’s not cute from an adult pig with adult teeth. So teach them young that you are in charge.

Question:  Why does my pig squeal?
Answer:  Pigs squeal for many reasons.  They could be scared, mad, hungry, lonely, happy, hurt, sick, etc.
Pigs are very vocal beings so they make a lot of different sounds.  Don’t let the squeals freak you out!!  A pig squeal is much like a toddler throwing a tantrum.  If you give in, you are teaching them that their behavior is acceptable.
I’m not gonna lie, a pig’s squeal can be ear piercing.  Don’t let it rattle you.  Stand your ground.
I choose to completely ignore squealing.  I will even turn my back on the squealer to show disapproval.  Our piglets are taught from birth that squealing doesn’t get them anything.  If it’s time to eat and they squeal, I wait until they stop.  Then I wait another 5 minutes… THEN I feed them.  I want them to know that I am in charge.
This will keep your piglet from becoming the boss.  If they become the boss, it will only get worse.
Tip: NEVER NEVER NEVER give them food to make them stop squealing!!!!!!!  Pigs have great memories and will continue to squeal for the rest of their lives because they think that’s how they get food.
If you’re having trouble with squealing, message me and I will do my best to try and help you change that behavior.

Question:  Why is a mini pig so expensive?
Answer:  There are many expenses that go into raising mini piglets and a breeding pair of pigs.  One of the biggest expenses is getting the piglets fixed.  It can be difficult to find a vet that will treat mini pigs.  To get a mini piglet fixed can cost anywhere from $75-$850. (American Mini Pet Pig Association)
We spay and neuter all of our piglets unless someone has chosen to breed it.
Besides the vet bills, there are costs involved with parent care, formulas, structures, electricity, food, litter, harnesses, crates, business costs, and even emergencies that have to be factored in. More importantly than all of the costs, is the time invested in each piglet.
We spend a lot of time with each and every piglet.  This includes:  taming, socializing, beginning training, and parent pre and post education. Taming and socializing does not happen naturally, countless hours must be put into litters.  YOU WANT A TAME AND SOCIALIZED PIGLET. If not, your piglet will squeal and scream and bite you.  It’s a terrible experience.  I do not recommend it. You want a pig with a great foundation for the first few months of life.
Hours and hours go into socializing, trips to vet, weaning, trips to feed store, baths, pictures and videos, beginning training, screening and pre-educating and post-educating owners, the list goes on and on.
Plus, our piglets go home with a Welcome Kit that includes a kennel, blanket, toy, food, harness, leash, health certificate from vet check, birth certificate, health guarantee and instructions on what to do once your piglet is home.  We also offer pig support.  I will be available to help with any problems or questions that come up for the life of your pig.

Question:  What is the best way to bond with your piglet?
Answer:  It’s important to give your piglet space for the first few days.  Don’t pick them up or force them to do anything like go for a walk or take a bath.  It will take time for them to learn to trust you.  Food will help!!  Sit on the floor in their area and coax them over to you with Cheerios.
As they get more comfortable with you, they will begin climbing on your lap. Soon you will be able to pick them up.  Always hold them securely in a way that doesn’t cause their feet to hang free.  If they squeal, DO NOT put them down until they stop.  It may take 2 or 3 minutes but they will stop.  If you react to squealing, they will use it to get their way.

Question:  What should I have to get ready for my piglet?
Answer:  Closed off 4×6 area
Mini Pig Food (make sure it is not Hog food)
Bowl nontip
Litter box
Litter (nonclumping, recycled newspaper)
Small bed
We send all of our piglets home with a blanket, toy, some food, leash and harness.

Question: Why do we make people fill out an application for our piglets? 🐷
Answer:  Sometimes, as human-beings, we act on emotion. Generally, that’s ok. But it’s not okay when it can affect someone else’s life in a negative way. We love each and every one of our pigs! We want to find them each the best home possible. So we want people to stop and think before they decide to bring a pet home, any pet.
Is this the right pet for my family?
Can I legally have this pet in the town or city that I live in?
Am I willing to put in the time and energy it takes to love an animal?
Our application is just a few questions to help people work through that process so that our piggies will go to the best homes possible!!

Question:  Does a mini pig that is NOT fixed make a good pet?
Answer:  The short answer is NO.  An intact male (not fixed) is a terrible house pet.  They have a musky smell and are very foamy in the mouth.  They also hump everything in sight.  Think 10x worse than a dog. 😳 They are not modest at all and like to show themselves off and drip all over the place.  It is not pleasant.  This is why our male, Axle, is out in the cozy barn.  We kept him inside until he started showing signs of maturity around 4 months old so we could bond with him.
A female pig goes through a heat cycle every 23 days or so.  She becomes moody and will nip and squeal when she is unhappy.  This is not pleasant either. We have all our females in the house until the begin to mature then they are given their own space outside.
We are all much happier this way!!
This is why we spay and neuter all of our piglets.  We like to take the pressure of finding a vet and paying the expense off of the new families.  Also, the sooner you fix, the better.  So we fix all piglets as soon as they are old enough.
Warning:  It is a responsible breeders job to spay and neuter all piglets!!  Be careful adopting a piglet that is not fixed!!


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