Shipping your piglet

Shipping your piglet is a fast and safe way to get your piglet to you. We ship with either Delta or United airlines. We have been shipping our piglets since 2015 and all have arrived safe and healthy. We put a rubber mat on the floor of the crate so they do not slip on the plastic and we pile shredded newspaper in the crate because they like to bury down and hide in it making them feel safer. Yes flying does stress them a bit just like it does some people however they are shipped only in the planes that have a pressurized cargo area. The cargo area is kept 5 degrees cooler than the cabin where the people ride. Both Delta and United have pet safe programs where special care is giving to your baby. They are taking directly to the cargo area or the baggage area (depends on airport and time of day) in special transit vehicles so that they are not out in heat or cold waiting for luggage to be loaded. When at cargo they are checked to make sure all is well. It takes about 20-30 minutes from time the plane lands until your baby is ready to pick up. Your piglet will be in it’s own crate that is yours to keep. You will see that when I email you piggy care info that I ask you to take a tiny bit of sweet cereal to the airport with you and to give to your baby when you get back to your vehicle by just placing into their crate. That is to help with any stress from the flight. I hope you are looking forward to picking up your new piglet.

Shipping is included in the price of your piglet along with it’s neuter or spay. We ship to the largest airport near you. After your piglet is neutered or spayed I will book it’s flight. I will then email the flight schedule to you with the location where to pick your piglet up. Everything is prepaid, so all you have to do is show a photo ID and take your new baby home.